We are a local non-profit growing towards a ‘Community Charity’ status whose missions are providing “restorative interventions” for ‘at risk” persons and assisting the area find ‘the cure’ for Juvenile Diabetes! Due to rapid growth and planned expansion we could use assistance in the following areas.

  1. Media Manager : a volunteer conversant with ‘social media’ promotion to steer us forward
  2. Events Coordinator: a volunteer who can organize and promote four major fund raising platforms per year.
  3. Customer Service/Loss Prevention/ Cashier/ Processors (both clothing and used goods)
  4. Logistics/Driver storage manager
  5. Repair People : volunteers who can fix or repair items so they stay out of landfill

We currently operate a ‘thrift/boutique’ at 45873 Wellington Avenue, in Chilliwack and are entering our third year with plans for a ‘second location’ and much more involvement within our City and area and the programs/partnerships we can support with the response to our “call for Assistance”!

Pleas email bridge9100@outllook.com attention, Manager of Operations.