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The idea to develop a community run first came about when founders Karisa Neufeld and Ciera Fox were reminiscing about growing up in Chilliwack and how lucky they were to have access to such an amazing setting and community. They believed it was Chilliwack’s small town feel, the people they grew up around and all the rivers, lakes and mountains surrounding them that, over time, instilled the core beliefs and power of CONNECTION, MOVEMENT, WHOLE FOODS, NATURE and EDUCATION.

Fast forwarding to now, Karisa and Ciera have both developed a strong passion for living life preventatively. For them, prevention means stopping illness before it has a chance to start; this is the key to thriving and living a full life. Another core value they have is giving back! That’s where Chilliwack Moves comes in, as an amazing platform to share and highlight the concept of prevention as our first line of defence to illness with all the amazing community members of Chilliwack.

 to Volunteer email: chilliwackmoves@gmail.com
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