Volunteers with ESS provide support to the wellbeing of evacuees when disaster happens. Volunteers receive extensive training on the delivery of short term supports.  Call for support can happen at any time of day or night and in any season.  In addition to response to an emergency or disaster, our volunteers support the Abbotsford Emergency Program in Public Education promoting Emergency Preparedness.


Volunteers must be 19 years of age, be in good heatlh (to withstand some conditions that require mobility and endurance in all weather conditions), have an independent means of transportation and a valid Drivers Licence, must pass and maintain a police records check, have a good command of the English language in comprehension, speaking and written skills, be dependable, reliable and flexible with availability and have the ability to work under pressure and with persons experiencing high levels of stress.


Hours are flexible and response flexibility is needed 24hrs/day when called upon.  Call outs vary in length but average about two hours.  There is the need to commit to team training for 2-3 hours per month.


Volunteers, once completed their training, receive the team uniform of Tshirt, jacket and vest to be worn during response along with team binder with all the tools to complete the task.  In addition, our volunteers are celebrated a couple of times a year with appreciation events.  Our volunteers experience the benefit of supporting those in need during one of the most difficult times and the satisfaction of truly helping someone in need.


If you are interested in volunteering, please check out our website and application at  AFRSBC.

For more information or questions you can email  Kelly Pater at ep@abbotsford.ca