Chilliwack Community Cupboard Society is a not-for-profit society located near the downtown heart of Chilliwack.  We help struggling families in a safe and healthy environment.  These families must have children living with them, under the age of 19 years.  We will supply them with clothing, food, small housewares, bedding, books, toys, etc. at no cost to them.

Volunteer Opportunity:  We are looking for individuals to help sort, take in donations, organize, and display all donated items.  We are also looking for people to work with clients that come in by making them feel comfortable and assisting them with their needs.  There will be requirements to help with general cleaning around the facility.

Qualifications:  We are looking for individuals willing to work with at-risk and struggling families in our community.  Have good physical health to be able to work with donations that come in.  A willingness to be a team member to support our community.

Commitment:  We ask that you keep us informed as to your availability and that if you make a commitment to a specific time that you follow through or notify the people you would be working with of your change of plan.  We do not have an expectation of a regular weekly or monthly commitment just communication.


Doreen Jones

Phone or Text Message:  236-458-6033