Chilliwack Learning Society is a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting literacy for all groups and individuals in the Chilliwack community.


Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Tech Support for Seniors

The Tech Support for seniors’ program is dedicated to helping seniors learn how to use technology.
As a volunteer you would be teaching them how to use their laptop, tablet, or cellphone to do things like:

  • Watch movies/TV, listen to audiobooks, or music
  • Surf the net
  • Video chat with loved ones
  • Use Facebook to stay connected and up to date with family
  • Set-up and personalize your device
  • Set-up and use your email
  • Use the camera
  • Play digital games
  • Order groceries safely from home
  • Book medical appointments
  • Online banking

This is generally done in a one-to-one setting where the tutor and senior meet in a public space for example, a local library.

Ongoing training, resources and support are provided to the tutors by the Adult Learning Services Coordinator of the Chilliwack Learning Society.

Qualifications Needed: Must be 19+ years old, live in the Chilliwack area and have a good understanding of how to use laptops, tablets, cellphones, or iPads.

Commitment Required:  Tutors may meet with a learner for 1 hour in a week or choose to attend a Tech event, at a senior’s centre or library, that is 2 hours each month. Ongoing, time requirements vary depending on requests for assistance. Contact for more info.

Benefits to Volunteer:
 Volunteering allows you to utilize your skills and abilities while you are helping others. Spend as little as an hour a week supporting a learner to meet their goals while you are connecting with people in your community! Attend an annual appreciation event.

Contact Info:

Michelle Rickaby