Do you enjoy interacting with seniors?

Would you be willing to spare a few hours each month to connect with an isolated senior over a shared meal?

We would love to hear from you!


The Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society (CNHPS) recently received approval for a grant to fund a new social meals program.  Volunteers will be matched with a senior and will share a monthly meal with them in the senior’s home.  Meals for both volunteers and seniors will be provided.

Once per month, volunteers will:

  • Pick up a prepared meal at 11:30am from a designated kitchen for themselves and their matched senior or couple
  • Bring the meal to the senior’s house
  • Eat the meal together over a one-hour social time with the senior
  • Return the insulated bag and garbage to the designated kitchen

These activities will take place monthly on either a Wednesday or a Friday.


Successful applicants will:

  • Agree to an interview by phone
  • Complete CNHPS’s orientation process (submit a volunteer application form, attend a virtual orientation session, complete a criminal record check, and sign volunteer consent forms)
  • Submit a clean criminal record check (can be completed online via the iVolunteer site, or contact us if you prefer to submit a paper copy to the local police station)
  • Live in Chilliwack or be willing to come to Chilliwack to participate


For further information or to apply, please contact Adrianna, the volunteer coordinator:

  • Email:
  • Call/text: (778) 539-1834

CNHPS website: