Take the challenge:

The Defeat Depression campaign is a national fundraising campaign designed to allow individuals and organizations to raise funds in support of their local mental health programs and services. The campaign has grown into a national movement bringing much-needed funds, awareness of mental health issues while fighting mental health stigma one event at a time.

The 2020 Defeat Depression Walks will take place late May/Early June 2020

Planning and organizing the Walk/Runs takes time, passion and creative thinking. With support from volunteers and Mood Disorders Society of Canada’s staff, you will be a part of something truly extraordinary in your community. Although this is a national campaign, local success depends on volunteers like you. With your community insight, you will raise awareness, encourage participation, and drive fundraising results.

Time Commitment:

  • Monthly committee meetings from January to April and biweekly 12 weeks before the event
  • Weekly tasks averaging 2-5 hours per week depending your role and the time of year
  • Attendance and leadership role at pre-events / opportunities
  • In person availability on the day of the Walk/Run

The ideal committee member has:

  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • The ability to work independently and as a member of a team
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Access to a computer with Internet, and willingness to use new software programs
  • Passion for Mental Health

You will gain skills and experience:

  • Contributing to the organization’s mission of creating a world where Canadians with depression and other mental illnesses feel free to seek treatment without stigma
  • Working collaboratively with like minded volunteers in the community
  • Building relationships in your community

Available Positions:

Event Chair/Co-Chairs – oversees all elements of the event from start to finish, liaises with Mood Disorders Society of Canada, attends host conference calls during the planning process, and explores new ideas and suggestions on how to make the event successful, responsible for financial tracking of the event

Volunteer Coordinator – recruit volunteers to help on the day of the event and/or with tasks throughout the planning process, assigns responsibilities as needed, and builds relationships within the community

Local Sponsorship Coordinator – you will recruit build local connections, new sponsors, and strengthen relationships with existing sponsors to offset some event expenses and contribute to the local fundraising revenue. Working with your committee and Defeat Depression Staff, you are responsible for acquiring local cash, and in-kind sponsorships, ensure that sponsor obligations are fulfilled, and each sponsor feels the true value of a partnership with the Defeat Depression Campaign.

Communications/Marketing Coordinator – oversees promotion of the event, brainstorms how to attract participants and sponsors, engages local media and hosts media on the day of the event, etc.

Social Media Coordinator – oversees the event Facebook page, handles posts and responds to inquiries on social media, engages local stakeholders, helps promote the event through social media, shares pictures post event, directs people to engage with YouTube and Flickr

Logistics Coordinator – books the location for the event, plans the walk or run course, obtains all required permits/approvals, plans for tents/water/parking/supplies on the day-of

Job Type: Volunteer

Email us at info@defeatdepression.ca
c/o Mood Disorders Society of Canada
110 North Front St. Unit A3 Suite 325
Belleville, ON K8P 0A6
Tel. 613-921-5565