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Bicycle Trek is a fundraising event hosted by the BC Lung Foundation. Hundreds of participants will embark on the ride of their life for a 200km route through the beautiful Fraser Valley. The ride starts at Fort Langley through to Cultus Lake and back the following day. These dedicated participants are riding in support of the BC Lung Foundations’ ongoing fight against lung disease.

BC Lung Foundation is currently looking for volunteers to help at this fantastic event. We need motivated, outgoing, and reliable individuals to help at various stations including:

  1. Registration
  2. Arrival Desk at Stillwood – primary duty is setting up the desk and checking in and greeting participants, collecting donations from participants
  3. Bike Storage  – Filling out a bike repair sheet with participants, store bikes, communicate anything to bike mechanics
  4. Cycling Sweep – Cycle the route in pairs to assist riders with small medical or mechanical issues
  5. Final Sweep Crew – following the final cyclist in a vehicle to ensure no riders are left behind, informing rest stops that this was the final sweep in the portion of the ride, removing route signs
  6. Finish Line Volunteers – Cher Squad, checking trekker # as they cross, directing riders to areas at either Stillwood or Fort Langley
  7. Gear/Baggage loader – Loading and unloading rider gear and supplies, organizing and arranging gear
  8. Rest Stop Check-in – setting up rest stop, placing location signage, prepping snacks and water for riders, checking off rider #’s as they come in, cleaning up rest stop


Qualifications needed:

  • Positive cheerful attitude
  • Friendly
  • good communicator,
  • some roles will require heavy lifting
  • ability to organize, take direction
  • at times being solution-oriented
  • love being outdoors and able to be outdoors.
  • Some roles may require ability to drive and if using their own vehicle we will pay for mileage.


Commitment required (hours, ongoing days, etc.)

This is a weekend event and we are looking for full weekend volunteers or full-day – Saturday or Sunday. The time of the event is 6:30 am – 5 pm.


Benefits to volunteer (appreciation event, t-shirt, a certificate given, etc.)

  • T-shirt
  • Volunteer appreciation certificate
  • Lunch, Dinner and Snacks
  • Lodgings for the weekend if they are helping for full weekend


Contact info: trek@bclung.ca

Name of volunteer coordinator:

Syma Shaheen




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