Secondary Characters largely need volunteers for a fundraising committee.  This committee will meet, brainstorm ideas, plan, organize, and follow through with fundraising events/actions within the Chilliwack community.  Volunteers will be given a financial objective and report to a member of the Board of Directors to discuss any plans and budgetary needs.


Qualifications Needed:  Excellent skills in communication, teamwork, work ethic, time management, commitment and leadership.  Volunteers should be community minded, compassionate and appreciative of the arts.


Commitment Required:  The volunteers can make their own schedule based on what work needs to be accomplished to reach the financial goal within the time frame.  Time frame is based on 3 shows per year, with a fundraising goal per show  OR one annual fundraising goal. This is hopefully an ongoing commitment as part of the Secondary Characters family.


Benefits to Volunteer:  Complimentary show tickets and appreciation.


Contact Info:  

Name of Volunteer Coordinator:  Randy Newbury

Phone: 604-997-7364