Where to Volunteer

There are no shortage of non-profit organizations in the Fraser Valley who depend on volunteers to help bring their services to our community. Here is a list of many Fraser Valley non-profits looking for volunteers.

If you are a non-profit located in the Fraser Valley and would like a free listing on our website, contact us with your information.

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Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association (ARJAA)

105-34194 Marshall Road Abbotsford British Columbia V2S 5E4 Canada Phone: 604-864-4820 Website: http://www.arjaa.org/


Photo of Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association (ARJAA)

ARJAA coordinates a mentoring program specifically designed for children and youth who are going through a restorative process. For our volunteers, this can mean giving temporary support to youth who need to complete the particulars of an agreement that comes out of the restorative process (for example, volunteer hours in the community). But often times it means being paired with a youth for a one year term where the mentor and mentee meet regularly to build a relationship while doing activities of mutual interest.

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